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Posted 10-06-2022

Ecommerce as a new way of Increasing Brand Visibility and Awareness

Increase Your Reach with Good Ecommerce SEO

What was/is the „survive“strategy of the big brands?

Until recently, online stores, compared to the classic sales model, performed their function depending on the development of the brand – approximately 30 to 70% of total sales.

In terms of business models and business processes, Covid 19 made the biggest change in the sales part of the business. What was recently started as a necessary consequence of the technological revolution, and that is the digitalization of all business sectors, is now accelerating by acceleration. on the contrary, it showed that demand is the same and that large differences in turnover and sales indicators can be seen in the differences between traditional and trade. Of course, looking at the global market for fast digitalization, we see that there are markets where the classic sales model lasts longer, although they are economically strong, while some economically strong countries of the global market make a rapid transition and take a completely online model. Of course, we can follow the rapid digitalization in different regions through the behavior of the leading brands of powerful economic forces.

As German businessmen enabled their customers on the eve of the Christmas holidays and increased shopping needs, to go to the store windows, take pictures of the item and send the picture to the seller who sends a courier to take the item to the customer’s home address, we can conclude that customers are forced by the situation they still like to have the option to view the article in an authentic store. On the other hand, on the eve of Black Friday, America organized completely online, which is the first time in the history of the Blackfriday campaign that the entire blackfriday event takes place online. At the same time, Nike is announcing the news that it is closing all its stores and moving to online submission.

Research says that even in retail food chains, online ordering is on the rise now compared to the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. As 36% of U.S. consumers are now buying retail goods online, compared to 29% doing so in mid-April when most brick-and-mortar stores were closed.

The same is true for consumers ordering from restaurants online, even though many restaurants have started to open with more widespread dining options. The survey found 21% of consumers are now ordering online from restaurants, up from 13% in mid-April.

It is the same with other industries around the world. Many businesses have resorted to the urgent construction of online stores, so E-Commerce Growth Trends To Leverage In 2020 appears. Forbes also states that Just because brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants are starting to re-open does not mean online ordering is declining. Science has been created. It also states In fact, the opposite is true. Consumer trends show that e-commerce will continue to grow, and companies need to be continuing their digital transformations to provide great service, both online and in store. 25% Percent of Consumers Say Retail, Online Grocery Digital Shift Will Stick.

Why do online stores improve brand visibility?

Driven by the global trend of digitalization as a way of life that comes with all technologies and new lifestyle arrangements, and rapidly influenced by the Covid 19 Pandemic, customers are looking for brands on the Internet that have the option of an online store.
A significant role in creating these shopping habits is unfortunately played by the prediction that the Covid 19 pandemic could end only at the end of 2021 or during 2022. And cross-section consumers who have used the services of online e-sales completely switch to this model, experiences begin to create them. A few will return to the classic shopping model after the pandemic.
What still creates suspicion and slows down the need for online shopping options with consumers are the terms of purchase and trust in online payment. Digital Paymwnt & Drive Up trip are real challenges for those who are already in the world of online store offers to their customers and especially for those who are just starting out.

Some review of consumer behavior

And from those customers who do not intend to buy their desired articles online, it is already a deeply ingrained habit that customers initially search about their desired items on the Internet to see what is on offer, what brands they offer, what are the prices, product specifications… so they are informed about almost everything online if there is information, and then they go to the store only to make a purchase physically. There are the most such consumers.

If we look at the effects of average customer behavior, on improving the visibility of Online Stores and depending on how customers do the search: we can say that brands that have online stores have a much better chance of improving ranking and visibility than brands that have only a presentation website.

According to many studies, the behavior of average customers on the Internet takes place through two models of behavior:

  1. The customer searches the Internet for a brand that sells a product with which the customer has already had experience, which the customer already knows and knows its visual identity – when the customer will mostly start from Google images to find the product by image and then look for links related to it image – actually which brands or which stores have that item.
  2. The customer has no experience with the item and begins to conceptually search the Internet for everything that appears in connection with the search. What will attract attention depends on the type of item, and on the habits and behavior patterns of customers on serch engines. Some will start from all the images offered, some from the links and some will browse the brands that appear under that search.
  3. When the customer starts from the brand information, and when he bases his search on the direct URL of the brand where he expects to find information about the desired brand.

In these items, except for the third, which assumes the average consumer’s prior knowledge that the brand that has the item already has some kind of online store, the first two items indicate that searches for search products on the search engine encourage brand visibility. If you have an Ecoomerce store, therefore all your articles are already optimized according to the SEO standard for search, both through the optimization of images of the article, and through the optimization of the content that serves to describe the article. So the usual behavior of average consumers triggers the acceleration of the search for the desired items by all methods on the search engine. Although you are not in the set of required items, if you have well-optimized content that includes well-profiled descriptions from broad to narrow, you will find yourself in numerous searches, and therefore your online store will appear many times in the offered results.

So, all the results show that the trade during 2020 increased more than ever in history. And that with the Covid 19 pandemic, classic retail sales fell and trade grew by 129%. These results could not exist without the behavior of average consumers who, with their change in behavior in trade, have made the proportions between traditional and e-commerce change in many ways. So we are talking about an e-commerce revolution that is gaining enormous proportions in the global market and in less economically developed countries.

Also, the presence of e-commerce on the Internet enables marketing campaigns at a price, when the average customer, searching for the lowest price offer among similar products, can get acquainted with the brand already on Google search and continue to search all products of that brand. Informing consumers and potential customers about all price variations, just like in the store, follows the step of modern consumers who no longer have time or are unable to find out about price ranges in different stores, so they do it first and entirely through Google optimized all offered. results.

How Yard Group studies customer behavior and can teach you exactly: what is the best E commerce and brand ranking solution for your industry. As Yard Group develops webshops with backend micro-integration services with your business programs, and has elaborated solutions, not every web shop construction has to be stereotypical, an investment that will lead to your downfall.

In less economically developed countries, whose example should be followed?

Again viewed through the prism of the Pandemic, covid 19 has accelerated the growth of the e-commerce industry and more businesses are joining the e-commerce business revolution than ever before.

Office of Reducing Classic Retail Better developed companies have transferred resources from the budget set aside for store maintenance, to the improvement of online stores and SEO campaigns to quickly achieve the best possible competitive positioning.

What happens to small businesses that have run the classic retail store model and have not focused on e-commerce, online stores and SEO or PPC methods for effective advertising and long-term ranking on Google search engine? Switching to another model and creating online stores is not such an easy job for smaller trade or manufacturing companies.

For example. According to Nike, the Guardian mentions that The owner of Zara will close as many as 1,200 stores around the world as the clothing retailer tries to boost online sales during the chaos wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How big brands or multibrand concepts optimize sales according to the new situation, which could give an incentive to small companies. Although there are large differences in liquidity, gross wages, sustainability, cash income and working capital of small and large enterprises, both found themselves in the same sustainability problem during the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

In terms of falling sales in retail stores that from an economic point of view – “eat money”. The shops remained empty, rent, workers, taxes, other fees and other expenses had to be paid. Soon after the beginning of the Pandemic, there was a trend of reorganization of human and financial resources.

The game takes place between two sales models, optimization strategies are made by remodeling the business model, where human resources from stores are transferred to resources for raising digital strategies, enhanced logistics and additional distribution. Within the same resources, the business sustainability model is changing, without laying off the workforce. Where big brands have had an advantage over small businesses is the capital to invest in training and retraining. Why the behavior of big brands is relevant for every small business owner: Never forget that business sustainability is based on purchasing power and customer behavior in all countries where there is a retail sales chain. No giant is resistant to empty stores.

Yard Group can help you to do the same. To start digitalization, and looking for a solution together with our strategic team that has carried out many business digitalization processes so far, to move to a sustainable business model, without consequences for your business infrastructure and your business sustainability. We need to find the right model with you, the transition from focus to the classic model to the focus of your presence in the world of online business with a good online store, with a strategy of brand visibility and Google competitive positions.

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