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About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals covering various aspects of web design and development, as well as digital marketing. Founded in Tampa, Yard Digital has been helping numerous businesses from this area and even from other cities and states to boost their companies and build a credible and trustworthy reputation.


Our goal is to help our clients represent their brands to a wider audience and gain more customers by implementing some of the latest tech solutions. Even if you are not an IT guy, you don’t have to worry- because we are here to take care of everything.


No matter if you have just started your business, or you are running a company for a couple of years now, we will be able to help you improve your online presence and turn leads into sales. You will see how easily your business can thrive if you have a team of professionals by your side.

What We Do?

From custom-tailored web design to website development, we can provide anything you need. Since we know that having a professionally done website is just half of the job, to help you achieve your goals stress-free we offer marketing and SEO services too.


You will be able to resent your business not only locally, but globally thanks to our professional staff. We work with businesses of different sizes, so no matter if you need everything from logo design and branding, to social media marketing, and SEO, we can create a package of services that suits you perfectly.


We are proud to say that our team consists of experts from various fields and each one of them has vast experience that will help them find the perfect digital marketing, or web design and development solution for your business.

UX & Website design & Development experience for different markets: from Europe, the Middle East and the UAE, USA, branding and different approaches to advertising. A large number of SEO and PPC campaigns done for ranking sites in USA and Austria, branding and site design done for large and global brands based in Europe, IT projects done for the markets of Israel, UAE, USA and Western European countries. Video post production projects for the USA market, and Western Europe …

Members of the Yard Digital Group gained the highly expertise experience even before they came to the Yard Group. Working with various brand giants, and as part of independent projects, they worked on campaigns, or creating solutions for the world’s largest brands, Or regional and European corporations retail chains, food chains, banks, telecommunication companies ..like an Coca Cola Hellenic, Telenor, Atlantic Group, Raiffaisen…

Many digital area senior team members work close together and unquestionably and without mistakes.

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Advertising Top Campaign
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Meet Delivery Director as a - One point of Contact

  • Client legal security – My role is to provide Compliance with all regulations and laws in cooperation and according to market standards


  • Stability of project delivery – my role is to manage the team well, provide resources to meet all the conditions for the project to be delivered within the agreed time.


  • Constant communication and a clear realization plan – My mission is to make the client feel safe. My role is to always be in touch with the client, answer all questions, organize meetings with the domain expert, provide answers to all doubts and warn the client of all potential dangers of the project. To be on duty for all the needs of the project.


  • Everything in one point – one point of contact – it is often difficult to talk to people from the marketing, IT, and branding professions. Although they know the way to the solution of the problem, they often forget that clients do not come from the terminology of their profession. It is difficult, then, to do a project where you do not have all the professionals in one place. The team must breathe as one and come from one organization for the solution to be compact. My role is to be the link between your needs and the way the solution is implemented.


  • Idea Making – All team members have so much experience in marketing, branding, digital, and advertising that each of them can already work on the idea-making process on their own. But among our members in the field of SEO, we also have employees who only care about the US and the idea of making part of the inside of branding and campaigns.

If you hire us we can provide and guarantee

Free analyse and consultation

We always start with consultations, and with the funnel method we come to a very precisely defined task. We never make standard offers. We do the necessary assessments and analyzes. The client budget possibilities and the desired goals are also our guiding parameters.

Right plan and project doc

When analyzes guarantees a results - we provide the suggested strategy and the implementation plan of realisation, deadlines, Mockup and project documentation - where it is needed as part of the technical project.

High quality project

Project design according to all quality standards and the latest trends. When preparing the project, the agreed delivery deadlines of the project are taken into account. During the development and upon completion, care is taken to protect the project data through Non-Disclosure Agreements

Test and guarantees

We have the opportunity to provide guarantees for the success of the project, which especially refers to the methods of online advertising and digital marketing, as well as projects that involve the Yard Group IT . Where the project allows it, we perform testing to make sure that the delivered project that works in all its functions.